Crowdfunding Strategies for Business Sustainability (StrateCrowd)

The StrateCrowd project is an Erasmus+ project co-financed by the European Commission

Start: 01-06-2020 – End: 31-05-2022
Project number: 2020-1-SE02-KA205-002764
Funding: 240,774.00 EUR
Program: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Type of Action: Strategic partnership for youth

Coordinator: Föreningen Bar Social [SE]

Partners of the project:

1) Mine Vaganti NGO [IT]
2) Innovation Frontiers IKE [GR]
3) Impact Hub Madrid [ES]
4) School Raising [IT]

Project’s website:


The StrateCrowd project looks toward the necessity of supporting the disadvantaged (i.e. coming from a difficult family background) young people (aged 18-30), and aspiring social entrepreneurs who want to acquire entrepreneurial and crowdfunding skills and knowledge in order to transform their ideas into reality helped by young educators.

The latter, lacking crowdfunding knowledge but experience in Non-Formal Education (NFE) will improve, during the project completion, their knowledge and skills in NFE linked with entrepreneurship, in order to develop concrete methodology through which, to enhance disadvantaged young people’s ideas in the social entrepreneurship field.

The pivot element of the project is crowdfunding, a growing reality in Europe, which can represent the bridge between the ideas of the young people and their concrete realization of them by gaining funds for the implementation of the same idea. The use of crowdfunding will introduce young people to the labour market which needs to be known as well.

For these reasons, STRATE-CROWD will develop Outputs that will support both young educators and aspiring young social entrepreneurs in properly getting in contact with the knowledge and skills required for a comprehensive understanding of the market, its needs and the tools for entering the market.


The output that will be created are four:

1- Portfolio of best practices and methodologies linking NFE, crowdfunding and market opportunities, which will be a milestone for both the targets in order to acquire knowledge.

Portfolio for Sweden: English version, Swedish version

2- Boardgame, exploiting the recent conclusion about gamification and learning approaches, that will be forged around the development of an idea that has the intention to be funded. The board game will simulate all the steps required for passing from a good but confusing idea to a project valid for obtaining funds through crowdfunding, guiding the young people and the educators among each step.

Squirrelville -Gamebook – Online version – English version, Swedish version

Squirrelville – Printable materials English version, Swedish version

3- Handbook of an innovative training model merging NFE and crowdfunding in order to encounter the market needs through proper means and tools contained in the training model itself. The training model is directed to the Young Educators who need innovative ways through which to approach these topics and how to be able to properly transfer this acquired knowledge to young people.

Youth Innovation StrateCROWD English version, Swedish version

4- A mobile application and a MOOC with two e-learning courses. The Mobile Application (APP) is a digital version of the board game. The first e-learning course targets Non-Formal educators, containing lessons and content regarding crowdfunding tools, methods, opportunities, and entrepreneurship. It aims to help them in acquiring and then transferring this information to young people who will attend their future training. The second e-learning course addresses young people with entrepreneurial ideas searching for new tools and knowledge in order to exploit their ideas.